Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another Happy Birthday AND Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday, Dan!!! I knew I should have posted your Birthday greeting last night like I did your Uncle Jim's, knowing full well that I would be non-stop today. However, I didn't and now that UJ has left for his BSF study I want to wish you a wonderful year!

Your mom outdid herself when she had both of her children! With Claire's birthday on our brother's birthday, and yours on Uncle Jim's, it makes it ever so nice for us forgetful people to be able to remember. Actually, I don't think I have too much of a problem since you are a terrific nephew!

Now, I do have to admit to spacing out your anniversary! How could I have done that? But, I would like to think that is just because it is still so new and fresh in my memory...not like your birthday of 29 years!!! Have you and Melinda celebrated by doing something fun? Have you bought your new car yet?

We all wish we could be nearer so we could help you celebrate! I do have a little something that I will get dropped in the mail this week. I decided to go ahead and send it for your birthday since I didn't get it sent for Christmas. There is a distinct possibility you will no longer have any use for it, unless you can generate the same type of enthusiasm where you now are. Laugh at me if you want. I am laughing at myself!

Anyway, hope your day has been great! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

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