Monday, April 18, 2005

The BEST news!

A year ago my husband went to KY for more advanced training with Evangelism Explosion (EE) so he would be able to teach the program through our church. Then, in the fall, he began with one group, which consisted of my husband, a gal named Dione, and Kevin. Dione and Kevin completed the 13 week training course and Dione came on board as a trainer this year. So now Jim has a team of two and Dione has a team of two. One of the ladies being trained is Barb, who is the wife of Kevin.

Jim and I received a phone call today soon after arriving home from errands. It was from Barb. She shared the BEST news with us! Barb has used this guy, Tony, to shoe her horses for over 11 years now. She has tried to reach out to him and share Christ on several occasions but without success. However, today she basically followed her outline that she has been learning and engaged Tony in conversation regarding his eternal destination. As they talked, and she shared examples and Tony asked questions (and answered questions) the Holy Spirit was moving and working within Tony's heart! And, this afternoon, April 18th, Tony became a new child of Christ! We truly could not tell who was more excited, Barb or Tony, but excitement there was! He is so excited to come to church this Sunday! Would you please join with us in prayer that nothing would keep Tony from attending church on Sunday? He is very eager to begin being discipled and Barb's husband, Kevin, has agreed to disciple him. Yea!!!

On another note, Rylee, mentioned in my previous post is improving slightly...ever so slowly. She has been able to chew without losing her food out of her mouth. And, she was able to reach for an object and grab hold of it. She is still throwing up anytime she has to stand, the facial muscles are still drooping and the right side still does not feel any pain. Her spirits are up! They truly believe that most of this will be temporary but that 'temporary' may last up to a year. It sounds very similar to Bells palsy and I guess it is, since it involves the cranial nerve. Also, the doctors are telling her that her hearing will not come back. It seems if one loses one's hearing for longer that 5 days or so, it won't return. I was not aware of that tidbit of information but I do know that if the Lord so chooses, Rylee's hearing will be retored. If I can be cured of glaucoma, her hearing can be restored! Amen!

Another answered prayer is James is back on flying status after his ear infection. He was hoping to fly today or tomorrow and then be able to take his check ride (kind of like a final over this particular block of instruction, i.e. instruments). Once this check ride is complete he will only have one more!!! And, it is only 3 weeks away till we get to see him! And, only 3 weeks away from being half way through flight training!!! I'll keep ya'll posted on what he will get to fly!

Today is rainy and cold after our warm sunny high of 77 yesterday! It just jars a person's system to have to fluctuate between warm and cold! I was hoping for extremely nice weather for tomorrow since it is Jim's birthday but I do believe it will still be rainy and cool. Well, we aren't going to let any weather dampen our high spirits in regards to our celebrating!


Kim said...

Glad to hear about Rylee. I was wondering about her.

tonia/sparrow said...


All that good news in just one post! It's a day to smile and thank the Lord.

Welcome to the family, Tony!