Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Update on Rylee....

RyLee seems to be improving every day. We are so encouraged about that. She can see with both eyes now. Her left one still does not blink or moisten itself, but it tracks with the right eye, meaning her double vision is gone. She had 1 1/2 hours of Physical Therapy yesterday, which gave her exercises to do so she can learn to balance. They want her to have PT twice a week for at least the next 4 weeks. Her insurance pays most of it, but they have a $35.00 co-pay each time. We know how caring all of you are. Thanks, Ken and Marcia


G~ said...

I thought I posted a comment here already, but I'm losing my mind, so anything's possible.


Anyway, I *thought* I commented that I'm thankful for Raylee's progress!! And insurance! What a blessing it can be (sometimes it's a curse too, but that's another story, right?! :)

Thanks for the update!


Kim said...

Well, this is a true blessing, isn't it? Keep us posted, Claire.

blakeyblog said...

Praise the Lord! Thanks for the update, Claire.