Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Answered Prayer!

James called tonight to say that he passed his check ride (final test flight over a particular block of instruction, i.e. Instruments) today! This means just one more check ride to finish out this section of training! Yea!!!

Now, this opens up a whole new area of prayer as he will begin formation flying. In the next 10 days he will learn how to fly within 10 feet of another aircraft and take his solo flight doing that very thing! After reading one of the other pilot's blog and finding out just how "exciting" (*scary*) it can be when one flys within 3 feet rather than 10 feet, this Momma is definitely calling all prayer warriors to pray for protection, as well as for skill and ability to do what will be required. Thank you!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a loooonnnng day as he will be 'triple turning', which means James will have 3 flights. He will be very tired tomorrow.

I gratefully lift up my praises for His faithfulness in sustaining, protecting, and strengthening our son as he goes about his flying each day! He truly is the power under our son's wings!


tonia/sparrow said...

Claire, I can't even imagine! As a mom of three boys, I am taking notes on how to release them to the Lord's plan.

I'll pray for your boy today!

Pilot Mom said...

Sparrow, it is minute by minute!!! :)

blakeyblog said...

Sounds like exciting things are happening, Claire! Prayer answered and celebrations going on. I love how you say God is our power, so true, great posts!

Anonymous said...

Mom of an only son myself. He turns 16 in July, so I'll be releasing him, not to the skies, but to the highways. Yikes!!

So how did it go for him today?

Don't you think it's bittersweet when you have an only? I mean, in him every event, every milestone - everything - is the first AND the last time. There isn't any gradually becoming an empty-nester. It's all or nothing.

As my son gets older, I struggle with this more and more.

oops, sorry to get off on a tanget...

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks, Christa! Always good to hear from you!

Gayla, I know exactly what you mean. When he left for college it was my oldest and youngest all wrapped up in one. I can tell you, AFTER that first year of college, it DOES become easier. But, that first leaving....KEEP YOUR EYES ON HIM ABOVE and DON'T TAKE THEM OFF HIM! :) You are in great time of life with your son turning 16! Enjoy EVERY minute of it.

I'll post how today went after we hear from him. It's a little after 7 pm, his time, so hopefully the phone will ring soon. :)