Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy, Happy!!!

WHOOHOO!!! PILOT IS COMING HOME FOR A VISIT!!!! YEA!!! And, I actually know about it...ahead of time!!! I'm loving life right now!! He will arrive at the end of the month and will return on the 4th. Color this Mom HAPPY!


Saija said...

you certanly sound like a happy mom! *grin*

Pam said...

*Jumping up and down, clapping hands*

So excitttting.
What a great holiday to get together.

Love, Pam

Dy said...

YAY!! That is so wonderful! Enjoy your visit, take tons of pictures, and thank him for all he does. Have a blessed visit.

Dy, jumping for joy with you

Dave said...


Dawn said...

What a great time you guys are going to have! Can't wait to hear about his visit home! Have a blast!

Melissa said...

God bless you Claire and the time you will have with your son. Blessings on your family!

G~ said...


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jettybetty said...

I am so excited for you!

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, everyone! And, G~ a special thank you for all those stupendous words!! You make me laugh! That's good!