Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My sister leaves tomorrow morning! *forlorn look* I can hardly believe it is time for her to return home! How I thank V for allowing his bride to be gone 2 weeks! What sacrifice and it has been so appreciated here! We have accomplished a lot; all the while having tons of fun and laughter. I guess it is time to get back in our regular routine.

I went to my orthopedic doctor at the end of May about my forthcoming surgery on my knee (scoping, actually). It was a lot like visiting my eye doctor. He would ask me, "Tell me which hurts worse, #1 (and he would push on the inside of my knee) or #2 (and he then twisted and turned my knee)?" Again, "#1 or ....#2?" Well, number 1 hurt more than #2 so we are not doing the scope at this time but he did give me a cortisone injection. (Yes, it did hurt something terribly but I did survive!)

All along my foot has been bothering me but my knee was hurting much worse, IMHO. Now that my knee is doing sooooo much better however, my foot is now screaming for attention, too. I went to my foot doctor today and came home in a "soft" cast, ace bandage and walking 'boot/shoe'. (Pilot, it's like what they put on my elbow when I had the staph infection.) It has helped to immobilize it. The pain isn't totally gone but it certainly seems like I can cope much better.

Life is always throwing things at us, don't you think? The unexpected arises. Thank goodness for God's grace to being able to deal with life's unexpected issues. May we always look up and out, seeking Him above all.

I think our strawberries are ready to serve before Pilot Dad heads off to work. I've had it rough today....we attended a luncheon at a friend's home today, then went to the foot appt., came home and picked up Pilot Dad, then went out to dinner. Somewhere in there we took a very important phone call from Pilot...(aren't all his important? wink * wink*) and now for dessert.

God Bless each of you! I don't think I've told you how much I appreciate each of you who drop in for a visit...even the "lurkers" out there are appreciated.


HeyJules said...

Claire, are the knee and the foot part of your diabetes or are they previous and unrelated incidents?

LJ said...

I was just going to ask what Heyjules did.

Pilot Mom said...

Not really, and, yes. I have arthritis in my knees but the doc gave me the shot because of imflamation of the bursa which is aggravated by the arthritis. Vicious circle. Then the foot...I really don't know what I did to my foot. Like I said earlier I was so focused on the knee that I really just "willed" my foot pain out of my mind. Not a good thing to do. Here is where the diabetes comes in because it just takes longer for me to heal and especially in the foot area. But, the original mishap with my foot was "something" I did to it and not an infection. Thanks for asking ladies! You both are terrific! :)

Jackie said...

Thanks for the update, glad things are going well!

G~ said...

Aw, Claire...I'm glad you had such a nice visit, but I'm sure sorry about your knee & foot pain. :(

Those shots are really the quickest way to relieve that bursa inflammation, but then you get to deal w/all that lovely steroid/cortisone interference w/your blood sugars. Just reminding you to keep a close check on those. :)

Are you still off the Neurontin? Going back on it for a bit might relieve the foot pain. *shrugs* I dunno. You know how miserable I was w/my feet til I got on it. My life is totally different from what it was a couple years ago, that's for sure!

Take a good long rest, no matter what. You deserve it. (but DON'T forget to check the sugars!) ;) *soooorrry! I can't help it! It's important!* ;Þ


Pilot Mom said...

Oh, G! You are so right! Those levels are tremendously important! No, it isn't related to's all about the sprain and small hairline fracture in the bone. But, today, was nice even though my sister left *tear*. I had lunch with a dear friend which is the best way to fight off those doldrums! :)