Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Husbands are so funny. Well, maybe it's men in general. Tonight my sweetie came and said he wanted to talk with me about something. And I told him, "Sure." It seems he wanted me to wear my good perfume for just when we are going out and buy something else that I love just as much, to wear everyday. Kind of like he does with his aftershave lotion. So, I rephrased his comments back to him so I would know for sure I was understanding exactly what he was asking of me.

"You are wanting me to only wear my good perfume when I am out with you and buy something else to wear for everyday?" I asked.

"Yes, exactly!" he replied.

"Some days I don't wear perfume at all," I said.

"Well, what did you wear before Poem came into being?"

"Estee," I replied. "Are you wanting me to cut down my use to save money? Because I am already doing that. But, I don't want to wear two different scents, UNLESS you are wanting my good stuff to be JUST for you. If that is the case, I just won't wear any perfume."

"Well, I think maybe...men and women must think a little differently about this," he said after a pause.

"You know, I think we should just forget we even had this discussion because I didn't realize that women had a 'particular' scent that was just 'her'," he laughingly said.

Again, I reiterated that I would not wear it as often, in essence, just when we went out together. To which he wanted to know how I would smell nice if I didn't wear any perfume. I looked at him and said, "Soap."

"Soap?" he asked kind of incredulously.

"Yes, soap," I replied.

"No, like I said before, let's forget I even mentioned it."

Now, tell me, ladies. Do you all have a 'scent' associated with you? I know my sister does. I have other friends who do...but maybe that isn't very representative of the majority of women out there. Tell me what you think....


Becky said...

Yes...men are funny. My husband gave me perfume for Mother's Day (Miracle by Estee Lauder) and then proudly gave me the same perfume for Christmas, telling me excitedly that he just knew this was the one I liked. I didn't have the heart to tell him what he had done, so I just hid the first bottle and will pull it out secretly when the new one is gone. He'll just think that I've been using it very sparingly. As for scents, yes, I like to stick with one. However, I have a couple of trial size ones that I use occasionally just to go shopping.

Bob & Claire said...

No scent here--other than the lovely smell of shampoo and soap. I remember a funny "Baby Blues' comic strip awhile back where Darryl came in and nuzzled Wanda, telling her how nice she smelled, then left. Her friend Yolanda was there, and she said, "But you aren't wearing any perfume!" Wanda said, "I know. I was cleaning. Darryl is wooed by the light floral scent of my bathroom cleaner." LOL! I guess I'm just lazy. But a part of me wants to have a scent that the boys associate with me. Maybe when they're a little older . . .

Pilot Mom said...

Exactly, Claire! While I was pregnant I had read about having a certain scent that you wore and your baby would know it's you...or something along those lines and so, I never had deviated from my 'choice' until about 5 years ago, when I made 'the switch.' But, by then, James was out of the home and gone etc...and they both had voiced approval (hubby and son) of my new choice.

The comic one is funny! LOL! I'll have a number of chuckles throughout my day as I use "Freemans" on my kitchen cabinets! Won't I smell like something after I'm all done? LOL!

Poor-Con said...

I feel I must give a man's perspective on this. I think your husband goes crazy when you wear your perfume, and wants you all to himself. Thats why he wants you to have a different scent for everyday. Does that make sense? I'm just a husband too!

Maybe you should forget I even commented!

Kim said...

Claire, I can't wear perfume because it makes me sneeze, so the only "scent" my husband gets is my hairspray. I do have some lavendar bath oil that smells nice.

Catherine said...


To answer your question, I don't wear any perfumes or colognes at all. Ever. The scent that people associate with me is my natural bodily scent (I'm not talking unwashed here). I think that people should stop overpowering others by wearing perfumes, colognes and strong deodorants as these products cause allergies for a lot of people or give them headaches, asthma problems, or skin rashes. If people were meant to walk around the place reaking of toxic chemicals, then God would have made them that way. Mother Nature knows best. I can't think of anything worse than having to be around someone who smells of strong perfume, it's disgusting, it stings my nostrils and makes me choke.

If you want my advice just smell of clean, fresh soap and ditch the perfume for good. Besides, most men don't like perfume on a woman anyway. If you really have to wear the smelly stuff, be subtle about it and choose a light, fresh fragrance that won't knock everyone for six.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks, Catherine, for stopping by and leaving me your thoughts. Fresh IS good, isn't it? :) I know when I go for my allergy shots there are signs all around asking people to not wear any scents.

Come again. I love visiting!

Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome, dear. I don't have anything against people wearing perfumes if it's really subtle and intimate, but most of the time people seem to douse themselves in it which isn't sexy and comes across as trying TOO hard. I also find it incredibly vulgar when a woman's scent fills the entire room and people can smell it a mile off. I just really do think that soap and water is best. That lovely, zingy, fresh smell is irresistible on a man and I'm sure men will agree that it is alluring on a woman instead of strong chemical-laden colognes. It will save you money, too!

Just use soap and save the expensive perfume for very special occasions. Your man will get used to you not wearing your scent and then when you do wear it he will be thrilled, and it will have more impact because his olfactory senses are not being regularly exposed to it. I don't personally think that perfume is an essential in romantic situations, your natural human scent (pheromones) will do all the talking for you biologically, especially if they are not being hampered or cloaked by perfume or eau de toilette which obscures the signals that these hormones subconsciously give to others. This is a scientific fact.

If you want sexual chemistry with someone then you must let him become familiar with your natural, fresh scent and decide if he likes you. Just a quick biology lesson, there.

Anonymous said...

People who wear perfumes defend their use by saying that it makes them smell nice. If you want to smell nice, then you just have a bath. You don't marinate yourself in a cloud of overpowering cologne. There are too many women who get sucked into this false marketing ploy that wearing perfume is romantic and drives men crazy with lust. It just ain't true, folks. Life isn't like that.

I can remember scrimping and saving for months to buy myself a bottle of Chanel No.5 when I was at college, so that I could attract the attentions of a certain lecturer at the campus. Needless to say my dreams of wild seduction and passion never came to pass. I did not even like the scent particularly, despite being one of the most famous and glamorous in the world. Not even Chanel 5 and a ton of make-up helped me to get this man.

Some things just are not meant to be. You cannot control the effect that you will have on others or make them love you. Perfume is simply a waste of time and money.

Pilot Mom said...

Anonymous, thanks for your imput. Like you, I never liked Chanel 5. My husband, however, does like a certain perfume and therefore, I do wear it. Many days I don't wear any and I agree that is okay too.

I don't know if you are a first time visitor but feel free to drop in anytime.