Friday, March 04, 2005

Time management...

Some days I shake my head because I honestly don't know where the time goes. I have good intentions on accomplishing so much and then I look back over my day and I ask myself, why didn't I get those things accomplished? It bothers me when I have days like that.

You know, the Lord talks a lot about being good stewards. And, for many of us I think we tend to associate being a good steward with managing our finances well. But, there is also the aspect of being a good steward of our time. That can really bite me when I least expect it! How can I settle for anything less than the best in the matter of how I utilize those precious minutes of time which God has entrusted to my care? When I change my focus to view my time in this manner, then I am amazed at what all I can accomplish.

I think there needs to be a healthy balance where every minute is not scheduled with something. For me, I need to allow time for flexibility to be available for God to use in ministry. And, often as not, ministry never seems to be 'convenient.' However, I want to be available to be used of God if He so chooses.

Time is a precious commodity. One that is to be valued. I love having an organized fact, I find that I am much more mellow when my home is 'in order.' However, I find that I value the time I can spend in relationships. Spending time with one another, encouraging one another, lifting up one another's burdens, laughing and crying together are important. May I wisely use the time the Lord has given me in pursuing things with an eternal value. That vertical perspective is so important but often times it is easy to fall into the horizontal perspective. May I be alert for when that occurs!


Bob & Claire said...

LOL, I've been thinking about this too! Last night at dinner, Luke announced the time (because he wears a watch and so can, you know): "It's 6:29". And Caleb immediately said, "We are DEFINITELY late." I guess he pretty much thinks that whenever time is mentioned, it's always in context of being late! But it's not glorifying to God to always run late, and it doesn't help the stress level of the family either. SO that's what we're going to work on, once I feel better, that is!

Pilot Mom said...

Claire, we have laughed out loud about this!! He is so funny! We just received an email from your Mom letting us know how sick you are. We are praying! Love you! AC

Poor-Con said...

I learned long ago that you can't manage time. Time is and will ever be the same. You cant make is slow down or speed up.

Ohh, time to go, bye Claire!