Monday, March 07, 2005

Whew...what a day!

I feel like I have accomplished a lot but when I actually put it down in writing, it will look like nothing.

As I blogged earlier, I am back in contact lenses. Yea!! However, they made one, teensy weenie tiny mistake. They gave me both lenses for distance which means I couldn't see diddly right in front of me. I couldn't see the computer, my dinner plate and read a book? Not on your life!!! So I called them last week and they were quite surprised that it had happened but then the gal said to me, "Well, you could just use reading glasses." I just wanted to strangle her right through the phone, right then and there! Grrr.... I politely told her that the whole point of going back into contacts was NOT to wear ANY type of glasses. So they ordered a new lens so I now have one for distance and one for up close and it works perfectly! I can read! :) They called me on Friday to tell me the single lens was in which meant that I had to go today to pick it up.

I did go today but I had made other plans for today, so in the midst of everything else, I had to stop and go pick up the lens. My plans were to wash all my curtains and windows in my kitchen and dining area. All three windows have double valances. Even without having had 2 strokes I would not have been able to do these by myself. No way. How grateful I am that my dear sweet hubby, who still needed to finish his BSF for Bible study tomorrow night, helped me. I could not have gotten the rods off, nor put back up with out his help. It has taken all day, but they are washed, dried, ironed and hung back up. The big window still needs to be 'stuffed' so it is puffy. The two smaller windows just need to be adjusted in their puffiness. But, I decided I needed to rest my arms and shoulders before finishing the stuffing.

Hubby grumbled a little about what a pain this all was, to which I replied I will gladly wait and schedule it much farther out next time. How does 5 years sound? :) Seriously, when he gets to a point where he can't do the 2 windows in the corner at the sink then, I'll either have to hire someone to come in and do it, or buy new curtains that are easier to put up and take down.

The only reason I chose to do them now, was because we have had 2 weeks of sunny warm days and I just get in that spring cleaning mode. And, if I need Jim's help, I have to schedule him on a Monday because of his schedule. Anyway, one major chore done, another one to be started on Wednesday. Perseverance is the key!

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