Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Neat wording...

My AMCF Newsletter (Association of Military Christian Felloships) came today. As I read through it I came across this short little blurb:

Leading in Times of Change
"These are truly challenging times. A time of change, not only in the world, in our country, but also in the SAF [Singapore Armed Forces]," writes LTC Ngien Hoon Ping in the MCF of Singapore's magazine, "Onward Soldiers."

"As leaders, we will in one way or another be involved in leading, or supporting changes. [Leaders should] hold dear to the second commandent of the Lord: that is, to love Him and honour Him with all our hearts and to love others as we love ourselves. This must include a genuine desire to love and serve the soldiers under our charge, to do our very best for them, with their interest uppermost in our minds and hearts...Soldiers [should] pray for our leaders to have the peace and wisdom of God, whether they are believers or pre-believers. This is because God has placed all authority above us and it is our duty to pray for our leaders."

Now, what struck me is his use of the little word "pre-believers." That really jumped out at me when I read that. I kind of rolled it around in my head and then even said it out loud. Weren't we all 'pre-believers' at some point in our lives? I just really liked his outlook I guess, and had never heard it put quite this way. Altering my perception just a little can allow me to have a fresh perspective on the people the Lord brings across my path.

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