Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Today was a dear friend's birthday! He turned 71. His wife threw him the grandest party...it was a Square Dance party! What fun! They had a caller who gave lessons to all of us who have two left feet! I don't know which there was more of, laughter or dancing! Not everyone danced but most people gave it a shot for a couple of the dances, even if they didn't dance them all. I think I counted about 30 people or so there.

Jim and Pauline are the neatest couple. It is so evident they love their Lord and each other. But, that love spills over to all whom they come in contact. My Jim and I always glean new insight or understanding when we are blessed to sit under Jim's teaching. It is always a joy to be around them, they are so young in spirit! Their children are all grown. One son, and his wife, is a missionary doctor in Nigeria, another son was a youth pastor in a church for many years but now teaches at a Christian school in Texas and the other son is a CPA and very active in his church. The couple in Nigeria have one son in college here in Utah, with the next oldest coming this summer to begin school in the fall.

I thank the Lord for godly examples that He has surrounded us with. They are such an encouragement to Jim and me as the Lord blesses us with more years (age wise and marriage wise!). Happy 71st Birthday Jim! May the Lord bless you with many more!

And, a mighty Happy Birthday to Magvou today, too! I hope your day has been extra special!


tonia/sparrow said...

I have a special appreciation for older couples too. What a blessing.

Roger R. said...

What a good idea... I'd love a party like that. (And me with a birthday next week)!

Pilot Mom said...

Roger, Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is full of great things! May the Lord bless you with MANY more! :)~Claire