Friday, March 04, 2005

Bearing our Cross...

A long time ago I read a story in a Christian magazine about a man who was 'bearing a cross.' Oh, it was so heavy and he was so tired as he went about his business. Eventually he came to a small town and as he was groaning under the weight of his cross he sees a shop where he can exchange his cross. "That's what I need," he thinks. So he pushes on toward the little shop.

He enters the shop and he is standing in an empty room but within just a minute there was a quiet gentleman who came in and asked how he could be of service. Well, the man shared how burdened he was because of his cross and how he had begun thinking, once he saw the sign for this shop, how he might be able to exchange his cross for another one that wouldn't be quite so large and heavy.

"Oh, yes, by all means!" exclaimed the gentleman. "I do believe that we can help you in that area. Here let me help you with that cross. Please wait right here and I will return." In just a few minutes the shop owner returned saying, "Come this way with me, and I'll show you what I have."

The man was almost giddy with excitement at the thought of having a lesser cross to bear. One that wouldn't be so heavy and troublesome. He followed the shop owner into another room. Oh my!! What an array of crosses there were! All sizes were before his eyes. He had never seen so many crosses in one place before! Many of the crosses were huge! He had never seen any so big before. His eyes searched all around and way back, in the farthest corner, stood this very tiny cross.

"That's the one!" he thought. That's the cross I'll choose. The shopowner, looking at him, asked, "Have you made your decision?" "Oh, yes!" said the man. "I want that small cross, way over in that corner."

"Excellent choice, sir!" replied the shopowner. "That's the one you brought in to exchange."

Now, of course, this isn't biblical but it should cause us to pull up short and re-evaluate whatever 'cross' the Lord is allowing us to carry. We are to give all our burdens over to the Lord for Him to carry. That way, when things are just unbearable, what do others see? They see Christ because it is He that is enabling us to move forward with the proper attitude and joy regardless of our situation.

May I be faithful to lay all my burdens at the foot of His Cross!

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Anonymous said...

Great story! We most certainly don't get through this life "cross-free."