Friday, April 28, 2006

Update on Nana

I do believe she has missed fever so far today. She has slept so much it has been difficult to get the temp taken. She is still experiencing the shooting pain down the nerve in her head so she is taking tylenol with codeine for that (which is why she is sleeping so much). Also, because the antibiotic makes her sick to her stomach she is still experiencing that. But, I do believe her back is better which means the antibiotic is attacking the infection. When I spoke with the doctor today I found out that everyone would get nauseous with this medication. If we can make it through the weekend I believe she will be well on her way to a full recovery.

We have cancelled all plans for this weekend. I've been taking her meals to her in her room but she isn't eating very much since she is so sick at her stomach. I'm making her drink. She knows that she needs to drink but she heaves after drinking water so she really doesn't want to drink. Vicious cycle.


G~ said...

Oh no!! I didn't know Nana was sick! I'm glad she's on the mend, but so sorry she's feeling so nauseated. Ugh! What a horrible feeling. I just feel so sorry for her!

Hope she is home and on the road to a full recovery very soon!


HeyJules said...

That is just the worst, isn't it? I will continue to put her on my heart this weekend.