Sunday, April 30, 2006


*Trumpet sounds* *Drum roll*


Well, actually, it's still our favorite Hey Jules but she has moved to a NEW HOME! She is now residing at!!!! I encourage you to drop in to her place and visit awhile. Grap a cup of tea or coffee, or whatever strikes your fancy, pull up a chair and peruse her new home. She gladly throws open the doors and makes you feel welcome with your very first step. Check out ALL the nooks and crannies! Go ahead! She is opening up her whole home to us!

Trust me, you will go in and leave refreshed. Your time there may be challenging, or it may be peaceful, or it may be interesting, but whatever it is you will be enriched. Trust me. I've been over there several times already...even while it was "under construction" and found it very inviting!

Ok, get going....what? Are you still here? Go! Right now!!! Have a great day and may it be abundantly blessed!!!


Joe said...

I went there and wanted to leave a comment, but could not figure out how to establish a lonin and password.


Pilot Mom said...

Joe, you don't need to login nor do you need a password. Just click on Comments like you do now. I hope this helps!

eija said...

Hehe... you're a true professional when it comes to making noise like this *grin*