Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy 24th Birthday, Son!


Do you remember....

There are those who say it can't be done--
That your dreams are too big and your hopes too high.
They must not know the size of the God you serve.
Keep believing.

Wow! First Lieutenant and your 24th birthday all in the same month!
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?!

Enjoy your first flight in the C-130 on Monday! What a way to celebrate!!!

We LOVE you!


Corry said...

Happy Birthday, Pilot!!!
May God give you many more blessings and keep you safe.

God's Grace.

Vanda said...

A very Happy Birthday Pilot!

HeyJules said...

Wow Pilot! Way to go! Happy, happy birthday!

Pam said...

Congrats Pilot. C-130. Wow. Course it reminds me of a running cadence from the Army.
"C-130 rolling down the strip, Airborne Momma gonna make alittle trip. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door. Jump right out and count to four."
I've been kinda garralous this morning. Be forewarned.
Bill was a Load on C-130's. I bet they would have a bunch to talk about. We have 2 pilot windows from a 145 that we have used as coffee tables and Bill wants to make them into a bar top. A heat filament went out at altitude and caused one of the layers of glass to shatter creating this cool effect.
Anyway. I hope he has a fab day and you get to chat awhile with him.
Love you AC, Pam

Dave said...

Happy birthday Pilot and many happy landings!!!

I've travelled a few times in the backs of Hercs - sorry, C-130s - not the easiest of rides but a brilliant work horse!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Pilot!!!

whispers of the morning said...

Wow hope he had a great birthday!

Gayla said...

Better late than never! Hope you had a great birthday, Pilot!! :)

LJ said...

I updated today. Did you ?? LOL :-)