Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Isaiah 40:27-31

Do you ever ask yourself if God is really paying attention to your little old life? After all, He sure must be busy with very important issues, much more than my itty bitty life. Is it possible to be sure that the Lord who is so great does, in fact, take a personal interest in each of us individually? The temptation is to say with Jacob, "My way is hid from Jehovah" (Isaiah 40:27).

In answer to the denial that one single person can have the personal attention of God Almighty, the Lord Himself poses a question that is addressed to the doubting individual by its reiterated "you," and that answers itself. It is as if the Lord takes time out from the enormous responsibility of controlling the universe in order to deal with the urgent matter of a fearful saint who thinks that God is too busy with other matters to notice him.

In His reply, the Lord reveals the qualities which are most needed by the Christian who feels that he has been abandoned by God. In between the first descriptive title of "everlasting God," which declares His self-existence and mighty power, and the third name of "Creator of the ends of the earth," which affirms His general interest in this world, is the name Jehovah which God has chosen for Himself as Savior. He created the stars; He made the earth; but He is especially concerned with saving people and consequently interested in them individually, since salvation is by personal choice and not by collective decision.

This may come as a shock to some of you but maintaining the universe does not exhaust God. Therefore, you and I certainly will not. We can easily and quickly wear out ourselves with worry and fear, but we cannot possibly weary Him.

"There is no searching of His understanding," and although it is impossible for us to comprehend an infinite mind or grasp how God can take a personal interest in a million people at the same time, we know it's true for two reasons. If He is able to watch over billions of stars simultaneously, so that not one ever deviates from the course He has prescribed, then the Lord can equally well take care of each of His children. And, this is proved in another way by the fact that immediately insignificant Jacob murmured that God did not notice him, the Lord noticed that he had made that remark, and answered him.

As soon as the Lord sees a need, His first concern is to meet it. Isaiah uses words to describe people in Isaiah 40:28-29 which I believe are very characteristic of many of God's saints today. I see those who "faint," those that "have no might," those which are "weary," and those who "utterly fall." By the grace of God those who utterly fall are comparatively few, but the number of the powerless, exhausted and fainthearted is legion. To each of us, the Lord offers a share of His unlimited strength. "He gives power to the faint," and "they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint" (Isaiah 40:29, 31).

To walk without fainting is the greatest miracle of all. Oh, most Christians, at some time or other, manage a spectacular flight, with wings momentarily as strong as eagles. And there are whole congregations who may suddenly take off as they soar to some rare spiritual heights. Running is fairly common, too. I would say at most churches one could find the congregation breaking out into a fairly brisk trot regularly on a Sunday morning and may even manage a burst of speed on Wednesday at the prayer meeting. However, a steady, consistent walk, up and down the hill, fair weather or foul, alone or in company, is rare. It is rare, because we do not "wait for Jehovah." We do everything but go to the Lord.

Seek the Lord, first. Go to Him in prayer, first. Read His Word, first. Then, if you feel the need for more prayer, share with someone else so they may help carry the burden with you before His throne of grace. But go. to. the. LORD. first!!!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why our 'natural' inclination is to go everywhere BUT to God first. ??? I guess it's because it is from a natural state, as opposed to a spiritual one.

Good post, Clairebug. :)

whispers of the morning said...

What a great post and wow something I needed to read today. Don't know why I try to handle things first when I should just go straight to Him FIRST.

Really good post and thanks for the reminder!

HeyJules said...

How right you are. Reminded me of the talk Addie and I were having the other day about how we go to our best friends for advice instead of just taking it to God. I mean, please, our friends are good but they aren't THAT good!

Great post!

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you ladies! It is something I'm having to constantly remind myself about!

eija said...

Amen to this!