Monday, May 15, 2006

New Neighbors!

We have discovered that we have new neighbors just off our patio! Mr. and Mrs. Bird moved in while she was expecting and now their little family has expanded. We haven't seen the babies yet, but it sounds like there are at least three.

Mrs. Bird flies around and lands on the roof (bottom pic) then swoops down to the fence and after scoping out the area lands on the woodpile (top pic). From the woodpile she dives into a hole between logs and then, after a few minutes will fly out another entrance at the bottom of the woodpile. Can you imagine building

your nest in a woodpile? What about cats that like to prowl around our yard?

Mr. Bird keeps a sharp lookout but rarely does anything else. Mrs. Bird is getting plenty of exercise flying off to look for food. She comes back with the biggest worms for her little ones.

It has been so fun for us to watch all the coming and going over the weekend. I'm sure I irritated her something awful because I have been out planting flowers in pots for my patio. When the happy, expectant couple moved in it was still cold and snowy here so there was no activity on our patio. Mrs. Bird probably thinks it's Grand Central Station. No telling what the little ones thought when Pilot Dad started up the lawn mower and mowed the yard today!

We have had other Bird families around who have used our roof for "flight training." Their parents would have them fly from over our garage door to just over our front door. Not a far distance but enough to help them build their confidence. We could watch them from our kitchen table. I wonder when these little ones will be big enough to begin their lessons?


Pam said...

Fun post!! Looks like the 'mud birds' I have around my house. Just tweet and never sing. Feathers are a muddy brown.

I saved one of the nests. I put it in a swag of pines and put it on my bookshelf.

Love the blue sky! Looks like CO!

Leslee said...

Cute post! Happy bird watching!

G~ said...

I LOVE BIRDS! I can't tell from the pic, and of course, you're in a whole 'nother bird world from me, but it looks like our eastern starlings...but like I said, I can't tell. The starlings build up off the ground tho, I do know that.

I'm gonna hafta post about my bird haven. After a year w/o feeders (T didn't put them back up for me after pouring the patio! hmph!) I finally have them back again... sparrows, chipping sparrows, house finches, house sparrows, goldfinches, nuthatches, tufted titmice, chickadees, redwinged blackbirds, mourning doves, robins, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, barn swallows...I haven't got them ALL cataloged yet. ;)

We just got the hummingbird feeders put up today. It's too cold for them now..but maybe soon!!


Pilot Mom said...

G~ We believe it's a starling too. It truly has been fun watching and listening to everything. I really hope we get to see them begin their flying lessons! :)

I hope it's soon because it's only because I'm a Mom, too, that I don't EVICT them from the woodpile since I need my spigot to water my plants. I have to go inside to fill up my watering can!