Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to...Normal?!

It's quiet now. He has driven off in the rain. Snow is forecast for the mountain passes.

I actually slept some last night...from about 1:00 to 4:30 when he woke me up. I fixed sandwiches etc for him to take with him. Everything of his is now gone. He took his golf clubs and the last of his boxed things which he had left here a little over a year ago.

What a whirlwind it has been since mid December! Actually, it was beforehand also, what with all the illness etc. but from the 14th the "pitch" raised dramatically. He said that he enjoyed this Christmas even more than last Christmas because he actually was able to relax and have fun. Unlike last Christmas where he was at the beginning of flight training and needed to study, this Christmas he was totally done so he had lots of time up in the mountains hiking with his friend, Ben, and with our friend, Lana. There were good times with friends and tons of relaxation, good food, laughing, and, of course, heart to heart talks with us. I really felt like he connected and shared. *BEAMING smile* :0

Dear friends of ours celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on the 29th by renewing their wedding vows. The three of us went to that and it was a wonderful celebration! James counted up all the different years of marriage represented there by all of us guests. Pretty impressive for this day and age when it seems like one can get divorced on-line. What a rich heritage to be able to share with our children showing that hard work, dedication, love, committment, sacrifice are not out dated words but rather things to be grasped and embraced with fervor.

Yesterday, James and I went to Communion Service together, leaving Jim home with a high fever and the aches. Praise the Lord, he seems to be better this morning. He is scheduled to return to work tonight. What a blessing it was for Jim to be able to have all this time off from work.

Now, I'll begin to pull my house back into shape. I'm off the whacky medicine as of today! I do believe my vision has improved some this morning. I can actually see my typed words on the computer screen! Yea!!! Things are looking up!

For now? I am heading back to bed for a few more hours of much needed sleep. I can hardly wait! :)

I'll catch up with everyone later on! Have a great day!

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