Friday, January 06, 2006


My little Nana now has the whooping cough. The Health Department called me this morning to ask me questions. Their recommendations are for everyone who spent Christmas in my home be put on the antibiotic.

Today I do believe I feel like I am in the land of the living. So far, no fever. Yea! I'm terribly sore around my rib cage from coughing so hard. And, I'm tired. I did manage to get my kitchen cleaned up for today...that was a major accomplishment. Now I'm going to go lie down and rest.


Suz said...

Hugs to Nana! I hope she feels better soon. I hope no one else in your family gets it.

Thats great that you feel better but please dont over do it.

Hugs Suz

Pilot Mom said...

Suz, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being 100% well...yesterday I was a -2 but today I'm +1. So I am "better" but I'm not up to anything major at all! Rest, plenty of rest. That's my motto!

Dave said...

And Claire, make sure you do rest up!
Praying for a speedy recovery for you all.

Jackie said...

Rest, you deserve it!

Melissa said...

Claire I would make you Chicken Soup or maybe some Tomato, a little Green Tea with Ginsing, and ship it all with love, but I'm afraid it wouldn't make the trip...just wrapping my arms and prayers around you...praying your family feels better soon...YUCK!!!!

Bob & Claire said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Nana. We've been praying for her ,and will continue to do so. Jonathan started coughing last week, which freaked me out, so I took him in to the dr. on Wednesday. He said there was nothing to worry about--it's just a cold thing. Whew! I was really worried because he never got his 18 month shots (his last whooping cough vaccine), but the doctor said he should still be covered by the other ones. THe other boys are all current on their shots, so I'm not worried about them at all.