Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I would really, really like to blame today on not sleeping much last night. Alas, I can't really do that and be truthful with myself. I had my doctor's appointment today at 10:50 a.m. I get up and get ready, wake Nana up and feed her breakfast, finish getting ready and off I go.

Arriving at the doctor's office I sign in and go sit down. In a few minutes they call me up to tell me that my appointment was for 9:50 am. At least I had the correct day. When they called to remind me I thought they said 10:50 to me. But, I know better. They didn't.

The gal at the desk says to me, "You probably don't want to wait around...there are 3 people ahead of you and they haven't even been taken back yet."

Me: Well, what is the soonest I could get resheduled?

Gal: Feb 7th.

Me: I don't mind waiting. So do you think it will be an hour or so?

Gal: (not really wanting me to wait) At least.

Me: (knowing that she really didn't want me to wait, but I, knowing that SHE was the one who mentioned it decides I'll press for waiting) I don't mind waiting in the least.

Gal: Would you mind wearing a mask since you ARE coughing?

Me: Oh no, not in the least. I would love to wear a surgical mask. (smiled sweetly)

Since I really can't blame it on lack of sleep (because I had it fixed in my mind waaaay before I even thought about sleeping), and I don't think I can really blame it on my age even though my birthday is tomorrow, I guess I'll just blame it on not looking at my calendar to confirm what I thought I had heard. *Sigh*

The good news, I did finally get called and it was a good visit. I just didn't take time to do my lab work. I'll do that another day.

I do think it's time for a nap. Yes, indeedy! :)


Poor-Con said...

Just in case I forget, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless!!

You're an inspiration!

Melissa said...

Oh Claire, first is today your birthday? Well, Happy Birthday!

But, you made me laugh out loud with that dialogue between you and the receptionist..."Would you mind wearing a mask?" and I could just see you smiling sweetly as you said, "not at all!" Oh me!!!

It has nothing to do with age, I've done crazy things that that trust me:)

What a blessing!

Jackie said...

that's classic! Totally something I would do. Of course, had you first, "checked out the magazines" and then said, "no I don't mind waiting" Would have added that extra bit of enjoyment. LOL!!!

oh, and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!! I won't be around much, so I didn't want to miss it. Also, since I'm happy birthdaying you, I will also say, thank you for all your lovely comments, and for updating you blog. I look forward to reading it, and usually take something that you wrote away with me...


Pilot Mom said...

Well, *blush* thanik you all for nice comments and for wishing me Happy Birthday, technically now, today!

You guys are the greatest! And, as much as you take away from my blog...I get as much or more from YOUR blogs! So, thank you, right back at you.

Suz said...

She really didnt want you to wait, did she, lol I have found lately I have to write down everything on a calendar that i keep in my kitchen or one of my appts will get messed up.

Happy Birthday To You! I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!

Hugs Suz