Monday, January 02, 2006

Comment Section....

My "Comment" section on my post "Back to Normal" isn't working. I assume it's a Blogger thing since I haven't done anything different. Feel free to comment on any post regardless if your comment 'fits' right there. I apologize on behalf of Blogger for any inconvenience.


sparrow said...

Thinking of the last things being moved out made me a little sad.

But there is so much LIFE ahead, too. Won't that be fun?

I am glad you are starting to feel better. Lots of rest - especially those eyes!

Bless you!

jettybetty said...

I can really relate to the "connected and shared" part--I know my kids are adults now--but I really want to know what is going on in their hearts!

Gayla said...

Just checking in to say hello.

HeyJules said...

Yeah, I tried twice last night to say something and finally realized you had a "bug" somewhere.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Oh Claire what a marvelous blessed time you have had with James.

Kriss and myself have also tried to show our children that rich heritage that you speak of. We have been married just over 32 years and friends of ours renewed their marriage vows on New Year's Day after 18 years.

Of course marriage has been totally devalued this past month in the UK due to the passing of the Civil Partnership law which allows homosexuals and lesbians to be together for tax and inheritance purposes. The media refer to 'gay [oh how I detest the use of that word] weddings' which again is a hijack of the English language - wedding or marriage is by definition the joining together of a man and woman in matrimony and that's not even considering the Biblical reference of marriage! Sorry, I'm ranting. And before anyone accuses me of being homophobic I hate the sin but I 'love' the sinner.

Anyway, I pray that you will have a blessed 2006 and that James will go from strength to strength. God bless.

G~ said...

Glad you're feeling better, Claire. Hope you all stay well during this season when it's so easy to catch every bug that you come in contact with!

Blessings as you start a new adventure!!!


Poor-Con said...

What a great December for you. With all the ups and downs, it makes it more memorable. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your son. I believe you'll have many more. My relationship with my mother has only improved since leaving the nest. The longer the better. The things we talk about get deeper and more special the more time that goes by. I wish that for you! Take care, talk to ya later.

God Bless!!

Pilot Mom said...

Sparrow, so nice to hear from you again. You are on my list to email. I couldn't agree more with your statement on LIFE! Bring it on! :)

JB, the heart issues are so important!

Gayls, {{{{hugs}}} dear friend. I'm so glad to hear a small peep from you. I continue to lift you up in prayer before our mighty King.

Thanks, Dave!

Jules, thars more than one bug skittering around in these here parts! ;)

Good to hear from you, Miss G! I was beginning to wonder if you would come up for air! You have been one busy woman over the last month or two! :)

Con, so glad you took a minute to drop a line. Yes, indeed, we had a fabulous time with James.