Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Funny, Funny!!!

I was over visiting at Pam's blog, Ramblings and Other Things, today and these just cracked me up. So, I'm sharing the links with you all and hopefully you'll find them as funny as I did. :) Lol!


Pam said...

Narnia on Monday and Fun with Dick and Jane on Tuesday. Both were good although not everyone will find the later as funny as I did. Just struck me funny.
Narnia was way better than I thought. Haven't read the books but I saw the "making off.." it a few weeks ago and thought-yuck how cheesey is that gonna be! So wrong.
Now, I am laughing even as I am typing this! The second video you have linked just cracks me up! I have so been needing to laugh lately, that's why I posted them. So glad you enjoyed them, hope your readers do too! Love ya, P

AFGUY said...

LOL you are the coolest mom i know .... :D

Suz said...

ROFL ... Those were funny!

Hugs Suz

Pilot Mom said...

We loved Narnia too, Pam. Haven't seen Dick and Jane...I think James and his friend, Ben went to see it, though, while he was home. Can't remember what he said about it, if anything. Too much happening at that time. C.S. Lewis' books are great. I highly recommend them.

Hawk, thanks for the compliment! :) You have made my day!

Which one did you like best, Suz?