Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still sick....

Woe is me. I'm STILL sick. The blood work came back positive for whooping cough. I went in and had a chest x-ray today and saw the doctor. We're waiting to see if the chest x-ray shows pneumonia. He did give me a Rx for a much stronger cough med and I am happy about that. (So is Jim.) Jim still ran a fever last night so he didn't go into work. I, too, ran a fever. So far, Nana isn't catching what Jim or myself has. PTL!

Gosh, I've sat here trying to think of 'something' spectacular to share and I'm telling you, there just isn't anything getting through the old grey brain matter right now.

I am reading an excellent book titled The Heavenly Man. It's the story of Brother Yun and how he came to know the Lord and how the Lord subsequently has used him in building up the Chinese Christian church in China. A very powerful, moving story. It's like a real modern day reading of Acts!

Time for more water....will catch you later.


Pam said...

Got humidity in your home? Or by your bed? Are you taking any supplements like Vit C, multivitamin etc? Make sure you are getting enough protein as well. 2-3 servings daily. Chicken soup does have curative properties. "Johnson's Vapor Bath" will also help and if you don't feel like bathing, pour a capful in a bowl of water and put a towel over your head over the bowl with the Vapor Bath for 15 mins or however long you can tolerate it. Does showering make you cough more or less? If more than take a bath, if less then be sure to shower daily. Wish I was there to care for you all.

Bob & Claire said...

Well, we are praying for you and Uncle Jim to both get better soon, and also for the Lord's protection for Nana. Get your rest!!! : )

Joe said...

Whooping Caugh?! I haven't heard of anybody with that since I was kid a L O N G time ago.

After you are well, I will share a whooping caugh poem with you.

Melissa said...

My dear and precious friend...I will be praying for the health and recovery of you and your family...oh it is the pits to be sick! Fluids rest fluids rest! Oh this just hurts my heart, feel better soon!

HeyJules said...

Well Claire, what are we going to do with you? I thought we had you almost well again?

You are the third person I've heard of that got this this season so evidently, watch out everybody.

Oh, I wish I could bring you a big bowl of homemade chicken soup!

Suz said...

Oh no, and here I thought you were getting better.

Hugs to you, I Hope & Pray that you get well soon and the same to Jim & nana.

Hugs Suz

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts! I would gladly take anyone up on their offer of homemade chicken soup. ;)

Thanks also for all the prayers. It's amazing how fast things can pick up steam again! I was told, yet again, that Salt Lake City is indeed suffering from a major outbreak of it.

sparrow said...

whooping cough!?

oh my.

I'll post my fav chicken soup for you - now if you can only get someone to make it for you!