Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Busy Day...

Today was a busy day. In between loads of clothes washing I managed to have lunch with a friend and her daughter who is home from college on Spring break. Another friend joined us, too, and it was a nice time to get caught up with everyone. After lunch, I ran to the bank, stopped at the grocery store for more eggs, returned a couple of movies and stopped to pick up a Subw*y sandwich for hubby before finally getting back home.

Once home I began another load of wash, this time sheets. And, I helped Nana to finish getting ready so we could leave for her doctor's appt. She is going to begin having PT 2 or 3 times a week for her legs and feet. Hopefully, it will help to strengthen her so she won't be so unsteady when she walks.

After the visit to the doctor we went to R*d Lobst*r for dinner. She really loves to eat there. Since I don't like fish (yick) I always get their Azt*c Chicken which is very good. But when she likes to go there every week, it can get kind of old. ;) What we don't do in the name of love! :)

Tomorrow I take her up to Hill AFB to get her new Rx's filled. I'm sure she will want to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant. I love Mexican food and we only eat at this particular restaurant when we go to Hill. It should be fun. At least the weather will be a beautiful spring day! No snow in the forecast!!! Yea!!!! I am so ready for spring flowers!


Suz said...

Wow, you were busy today, werent you!

I hope you are having a nice day today and eat some mexican food for me.

Hugs Suz

Bob & Claire said...

Mmmmm, Mexican . . . my favorite pregnancy craving. Enjoy it for me (and the baby!)! : )

Carol said...

Mexican food! Yesssss!!!!