Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My day....

Nana and I had a good day, well, for the most part it was a good day...there was that teeny little moment...but, I'll come back to that...

It's a beautiful spring day! Nana took her coat but did not wear it once! My mom is always cold. If she thinks she sees a branch moving outside then it automatically drops at least 10 degrees. Lol! We finally got off late morning and I stopped for gas and then the bank to cash a check before hitting the freeway.

Traffic was light, the sun was shining, I was in a great mood! Nothing, absolutely nothing could change my mood! Weeellll...there was....not just yet....

Ever since 9-11 security has been very tight to get on an Air Force Base. I'm not complaining, it should be tight. Normally we take my mother's car because she has the base sticker etc on it and we can just breeze through the check point. However, it is a monstrous sized car to drive, more importantly, to park. She has a 1990 Linc*ln Town car. Comfortable? Yes! But, I hate to drive and park it. And so often she doesn't go with me when I go up to the base so I would much rather prefer driving my sporty S*turn.

The last time I was up there (at the base) we had to drive my car because her battery was dead. But for me to get my car on base I have to stop and get a pass for the car. It is such a hassle. The people are nice but still, you have to fill out all the paper work and usually you have to wait in catch my drift. Well, the last visit the nicest young man gave me paper work to fill out so I could get an "extended pass" to use for my car which would be good for a year. He clued me in on not filling it out, at least her signature, until she could be with me. That way it would be current from that date on....Well, today was the day! So that was our first stop.

I left Nana in the car and went in with her I.D., my I.D., and all the paperwork for the car. The nicest young man helped me. I didn't even have to hardly wait! Anyway, I digress...His name is Ryan. We get all the paper work filled out and I take the form out to the car for Mom to sign. I bring it back in and Ryan has me sign at the appropriate spot and then laminates the card. It shows my I.D. on one side and my car info on the other. Super! I'm so excited because I've wanted one of these for 6 years...the whole time my mom has been living with us.

We leave the building and pull out into the lane to go through the gate check. I hand my *new* card and they let us right through! Our next stop is the clinic to drop off Nana' new Rx's at the pharmacy. As she is gathering up all her paperwork and getting her I.D. card out for me I take a look at my new card. Oh no! Ryan put my old address on...the address where I used to live 6 years ago...not my current one (which is clearly stated on the back of my driver's license).

By now, it is lunch time so Mom and I decide to go eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant while the Rx's are being filled. I remind her that when we come back on base I need to stop at the building again to tell them they have the wrong address. After a delightful lunch we head back to the base and I stop and run in to speak to Ryan. "Oh, that's okay," he says. *Now, just an aside here...but, what does this say about security?* I'm sure he just didn't want to go through the time to correct it and then laminate again...whatever.

We head back out and go through the gate check again and turn toward the clinic. I pull in and park. After making sure I have my letter of authorization to pick up her meds, her ID card, my two ID cards I head in. My day is still going great!! I did not even have to wait in line at the pharamacy pick up window! I is unusual, but today was just my day! What can I say?

I sign for the meds, gather up all 3 forms of ID and put them in my purse. I run back out and get in the car. It's only 2:30 and I am now off base and ready to turn towards home!

Nana: When you get a minute, I still have my purse open so I can put my ID card back in.
Me: *a small sigh* Sure, wait till I stop at the light.

I stop. I open my purse. I reach in to my wallet and....I set my wallet down, I look in my cards! NO CARDS!!! How can this be? I make my turn, get over so I can flip a U-turn and head back to the base. However, I cannot get back on base because I have no picture ID, not even my mother's. So, I go back to Ryan. For. the. THIRD. time.

I walk in, he looks this time people should think we must be best friends! I tell him, "I have a major problem."
Ryan: What can be so major? I remember doing all your paperwork."
Me: *blush*blush* [major moment of dying with embarassment] "Well, you see, Ryan, it's like this. I went and picked up the meds for my mother but I left her ID card, my driver's license, and the gate ID card/pass at the window of the pharmacy when I had to show all the ID. I failed to get them back before I left with her meds. Then I proceeded to drive off base until I realized that I didn't have the cards with me. How do I get back on base?" *weak smile*
Ryan: "Do you have any form of picture ID on you?"
Me: "No, I have NOTHING with my pic on it, and, of course, I don't even have my MOTHER'S picture ID card. They are ALL at the pharmacy window."
Ryan: "Well, that IS a problem. For without a picture ID they will NOT let you on base, no matter what."
Me: "I understand that. In the meantime, how do I get my ID's back?"
*I'm sure he is thinking, "Why me?"*
Ryan: "Let me see what I can do." *he leaves to talk with the Security Officer/boss then returns to me.
Ryan: "Come on, I'll get you on base...I'll drive you to the clinic so you can get your cards."
Me: "Oh my goodness! Aren't you the nicest person...." followed by more stumbling, apologetically trying to thank him while not sounding/nor looking like an idiot....
Me: Let me just stop at my car and let my mother know where I am going." I do, and undo her seatbelt, in case she had to get out of the car. During the time I was in the car, she never really heard me well enough to know which woman/where had the I explained more clearly and then went and got in Ryan's car.

He gets me on the base with his pass and takes me up to the clinic. Pulls up...let's me out..."I'll be right back," I called as I got out.

I run in, and AGAIN, no one at the pick up window! It's the same lady..."I left my 3 ID cards here just a short while mother *______* and my 2 cards *______*.
Lady: "No, they aren't here. If they were, they would be *right here*.
Me: "You don't think you would have moved them so they would not be in your way?"
Lady: "No. I bet you put them in the sack."
Me: "No, I never opened the's stapled and I just gave it to my mother unopened."
Lady: "Have you checked all your pockets in your purse?"
Me: *frantically taking EVERYTHING out of my purse, AGAIN.... "Yes, I've checked everywhere, including my wallet..."
Lady: "Well, they must be in your car."
Me: *stomach in MAJOR KNOTS! *oh no.....*
I walk back out to Ryan's car where he has been patiently waiting...
If you think I was embarrased before...that was nothing compared to NoW!
Ryan: "Got them?"
Me: "Um, ah, No, they weren't there...would you mind driving by that parking space over there...the handicapped one? Maybe I had them in my hand and I dropped them..." *a weak sigh*
Ryan: "No problem...." *The guy is just way too nice*
*Of course, no cards are on the ground*
I begin explaining how I took everything out for the lady *and demonstrating for Ryan exactly what I had done* I had checked every pocket and side part there was in my purse, how I had looked EVERYWHere....oops! What's this?
*Blush* BLUSH***** Was I embarassed before? Not on your life! Was I EMBARASSED NOW? You can bet your bottom dollar I was!!!! I looked at Ryan and apologized PROFUSELY!!! It's not like I have a head of blond hair...I mean...really! I told him, "Well, I guess you'll have a funny story to tell your family tonight at dinner! Just explain you had this "old" woman, over 50, who obviously had reached her mental capacity limit...not just for the day but probably for the whole year!"

Ryan very graciously said, "Well, it's just my wife and I, and yes, I'll probably tell her...but it's really okay...I did get to leave the office for a nice break..."

We drove back to the guard house and I got out, again thanking him over and over again, still BLUSHING....and then got in the car to explain to my Mom how I had the cards all along! *sheesh*


Pam said...

Ahhhh, still was a great day!! But you told a wonderful story!! Thanks for that. Stories are the best.
I hate to steal your thunder but I bet everyone reading this can attest to having done the same thing and being just as embarrased so you can consider yourself among good company!! Goof!

Gayla said...

Hey, it happens to the best of us! You did get my day off to an amusing start, though. :)

And now I must ask - I've noticed the * in place of some letters in several posts. What does that indicate?

LJ said...

They were right. This was a fun story to tell you family. It reminds me of the time I locked the keys in my car, and the car was running. Truly a DOH moment. Thanks for sharing.

Suz said...

Hugs, I really enjoyed reading that Claire. It just reminds me that iam not the only one :-)

Hugs Suz

Saija said...

awww and you were so humble to share too ... you sweetie ...

my brain can turn into oatmeal at a moment's notice so i sympathize!


Gina Burgess said...

What a hoot! I've done things just like that! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Leslee said...

Oh you poor thing!!1

Under the Sky said...

That is a great, and very embarrassing story! :+) I thought of you, (Pilot Mom and all) because we recently saw the Blue Angels. How can I not think of you? :+)

Anyway, just stopping by to say hello.


Joe said...

As an Air Force brat, I can tell you that God was with you in giving you the "nice young man" to help you.

In the military, it has not always been thus.

Great, attention-holding story!

G~ said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the funniest one I've heard lately, Claire. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady!! LOL!!! I'm SURE God put that "nicest young man" in your path! :)

Oh, btw- I HAVE done that kinda thing before, only not to that extent. The whole incident was contained within the familial unit. *pththt*