Friday, March 10, 2006

Losing it...

I'm afraid I'm losing my mind. The only thing I have going for me is that it (my mind) is enclosed in my brain. I have spent the last little bit searching for things which I have obviously misplaced. I say "obivious I" because my dear hubby is sleeping and Pilot is no longer living at home. I began looking for my pork which I bought the other day for a new recipe I'm making today. I went out to the garage where I have my second refrigerator. Not there. I came back to the kitchen and looked in that refrig. Not there. I begin thinking back...did I actually get it out of the bag? If not, I've thrown it away. Hubby asked me to look for two packs of gum we bought the other day. Can't find them anywhere. "Are they in your purse, by chance?" he asked me. I look, no, they aren't there. Well, my pork was out in the refrig in the garage. If it had been a snake it would have bit me. And, the gum? In my purse...yep. I went back a looked again and there they were. How I missed them I do not know. But, the real winner? I couldn't find my cordless phone. I looked everywhere that I thought it would be. Finally I resorted to pushing the "find me" button which led me to the kitchen. I looked and looked and couldn't find it. Later, I open the door to get an item out of the refrig and sitting there, nestled on the bottom shelf next to the tea, grape juice and left over casserole is the phone. When did I leave it there? And, more importantly, why?

This isn't the first time this type of stuff has happened. I've pulled out my dishrag from my purse when I was shopping...meant to pull out my wallet. I've put my Christmas gift tags and ribbon in the freezer, unbeknownst to me. I accused Pilot of having one of my reference books (we have a lot of the same ones)...well, I didn't really 'accuse', I just asked him if he had borrowed it. After a number of months...almost a year, I found it. I loaned it to a new Christian. But, in the meantime, I went and bought the book again. Not once, not twice but THREE times. I now have four copies of this book!!! Really, that isn't all that bad because it is out of print now so I'm glad I have all these copies! Yes, I did call up Pilot and, ahem, told him I had found the book etc...and, I did apologize for even thinking in the dark recessess of my mind that he might be associated in any way with the disappearance of the book. Let me just say, "I much prefer chocolate to humble pie." Of course, these were many years ago....I was hopeful they might have been just a dream but after the latest episodes, I don't really think they were dreams. *sigh*


Pam said...

Those are just the actions of a busy but exceedingly distracted brain. Could be related to your DM but it could also be mild dehydration....aah ahh ahhhhh. Don't say it. 98 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. You may drink well one day but not the next and the only thing that counts is water.

I have periods like that. Acutally I drove the company Jeep home yesterday because I had been in Denver and was going back so it didn't make sense to pick up my truck. This morning I couldn't find the keys. Why, because it was something out of my routine. I usually hang my keys up as soon as I walk in the door but these weren't my keys and I was all out of wack.
One skill I learned as a harried college student is that knowing that my brain takes in everything and stores it, I ask my brain to locate something I have misplaced right before I fall asleep and let my subconcious assist my concious in finding it. Two things happended when I started doing that. Number one I would not look for anything, eliminating the anxiety and stress of looking for it and Number two, eventually, I stopped losing things. I have a real good record including this morning. I looked in the 3 most obvious places and when they weren't there I decided it must be in the mess on the table and presto, there they were. See, my brain just needs a bit of a nudge and then it provides the answer because it is all up there. I just have to access it. That's my story and I am sticking to it!!

Also, my mom used to do some fairly interesting things when I was growing up. Locked out of the house a bunch. I learned how to open windows with a nail file. Left her purse on top of the car and drove off a few times. Left her purse at a store a bunch of times. Locked her and us out of the car a sh*tload. Just to name a few items. Then one day, her second husband, Sandy told her, "Joan, you are a very smart woman (she is an exceedingly smart lady)and you don't have to do those things anymore." That's all it took. Literally, over night, these episodes stopped. The only thing she has done lately is lose the car and house keys while canoeing on the lake. Now, she has a floating key ring so if they fall out, they bob on the surface. Anyway, just wanted you to know it's not nothing but it's not serious either.
You also may want to consider nutrition. Most adults are malnourished while being overweight. But...not gonna go there now. Don't know why I am so garralous today.
Big hugs, P.

Corry said...

Girl, your mind is prolly busy with other things that are more important then the superficial every day things. Although it's irritating when you can't find things. Once you settle down, it will prolly get better. In the mean time, make little associations,, fridge. That will grab your attention:-)

I will remember you in my prayers.

God's Grace.

HeyJules said...

K, don't take this the wrong way but...

Where you at on the old menopause highway sistah?

I have had a couple of my friends go through the beginning stages of menopause and tell me they couldn't find their heads if they were squarely sitting on their necks. Sometimes, being this forgetful and around our age means the estrogen/progesterone level is a bit...umm...OFF.

Just a thought. Might want to have a hormone test run, my sweet female friend.

When I was in the worst of my depression I put the butter in the freezer, the utility drawer, the secretary name it. I bought more butter that year than you could shake a stick (of butter) at!

Kim said...

My husband has this happen with great regularity, and so does my daughter. She's forever leaving things behind. I don't know what she'll be like when she's older!

eija said...

Just yesterday I was looking for my (expired) passport. I looked from a place I thought it would probably be after the moving. It wasn't there. So I started going through all my drawers and shelves, paper by paper. In the meantime I checked the original place again. Not there, so back to the other places. No.

The third time I checked the original place, I found it. Right there where I thought it would be.

So you're not alone in this - it happens even to the best of us ;)

And I still don't know where our thermometer is. Had to buy a new one...

Once I read this in a paper: "Go to the doctor's while you remember what you're forgetting" *grin*

sparrow said...

LOL - your dishrag in your purse? :)

I do all that stuff too and I'm only 34. Great minds think (or don't think) alike, Claire. ;)

Pilot Mom said...

Sparrow, I was only 32 at the time of the dishrag!! Sad, isn't it! LOL!!!