Tuesday, January 25, 2005


For me, there is something immensely satisfying in having a clean home. Granted, it is work but I find joy in working toward my goal. I like to put on some praise and worship music and then, as my grandmother used to say, "Pop my coat tails!" I find that having my home clean, neat and orderly allows me to relax. It is a major stress reducer!

I'm the kind of person who finds mess terribly distracting. In fact, I cannot cook if my kitchen is messed up. I will take the time to clean my kitchen, put away things, load the dishwasher if needed, etc. before I begin to cook. I try to clean up as I go along. My mother was just the opposite when she cooked. She didn't clean up as she went along and then there was always a huge mess at the end...and somewhere in all of that I ended up cleaning the mess. *sigh* Maybe that is what made me almost fanatical about cleaning as I go along. :)

Once my home is clean I am always drawn to rewarding myself by sitting down with a good book or maybe a magazine. Today was a wonderful day to clean because it was so grey and dreary outside. We have been in an inversion (where the cold air is trapped underneath, with all the pollution, under the warm air) for weeks and haven't seen the sun. If one were to drive just a little way up the canyon in the mountains you rise above all the gunk and the sun is shining and it is quite warm. All I lack is 2 loads of laundry which I will probably do tomorrow unless I decide to do them tonight while Jim is at BSF.

I was 'talking' (emailing) with my niece's husband who is also doing Bible Study Fellowship again this year. He commented on how much he was enjoying his discussion group. Jim is too. I think this is Jim's 6 or 7th year and he has thoroughly enjoyed each study. They have asked him to be a leader several times but with his work schedule, and his home schedule he has told them it just isn't the right time. He isn't opposed to being a leader but he would have to actually take vacation time every Saturday morning to make it to the Leader's meeting. And, that would also mean he wouldn't get to bed to sleep until quite late. With only sleeping 3-4 hours on Saturday morning anyway.... He looks at it as this isn't the season in his life to do that. And, with his involvement in Evangelism Explosion he felt he would be stretched too thin.

As I cleaned today, I was reminded that working wasn't part of the Curse. Work was part of God's original plan. God himself is a worker. Jesus said, "My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working" (John 5:17). The Curse is what made work menial, tedious and frustrating. "God is the primary worker and as his image bearers, we were made to work. We create, accomplish, set goals, and fulfill them---to God's glory" (Heaven by Randy Alcorn). Won't that be wonderful, in heaven, to find that our work will never be drudgery? That we will have a very satisfied feeling of accomplishment without bringing sin into the picture? How wonderful to know that our work will be joyful and fulfilling, giving all glory to God! It doesn't get any better than that!


Magvou said...

Claire, Maybe you could come over to clean my house. Too bad you live so far away. In my last month of pregnancy, I can hardly stand for more than 5-10 minutes, so cleaning has become a bit of a procrastinated thing...The other day my husband came home to see that the kitchen he had kept so neat all weekend was again in shambles (a bit of an exageration) He came into the bedroom where I was resting and said, "You know, some men think it is sexy to come home to a clean kitchen" I didn't flinch for a second and nearly came back with. "Well, those kinds of men are going to have to get wives who are not pregnant with their children, and can stand for longer than 5 minutes" His usual attitude of sympathy returned and he apologized for th comment. I was able to load the dishwasher after that and my poor husband kept apologizing for his comment. It was fine though. It actually made me laugh. It's just too bad that I can't be as "sexy" as he wants, keeping the house immaculate like my mother always did. I might be better at it after I stop working, but then I'll have the baby, and well... we'll see if I turn into my mom. I guess you and I are opposites, not turning into our moms. ha ha

Pilot Mom said...

Well, I must confess, I did have help! I have a gal that comes and helps me every other week. When I was working I began using her and even though I don't work now, I still use her. She has been such a help for me since I had my strokes. But, if I lived closer to you, I would be more than happy to help you out! That last month is such a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-g month! :) God bless you with showers of blessings this week!! :)