Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ta da!!!

I am ecstatic because I figured out how to do a 'link' in my blogs AND actually list something in my sidebar! Now, I understand that for many of you this is no big deal but for someone (me) who is mentally challenged by a computer it is rather a daunting task to take on something so
huge! The other exciting item is that when one clicks on the links they actually work! I emailed my nephew who is a computer genius (in my eyes and my niece's eyes) and told him that his aunt's brain cells are still functioning! You know, I am grateful when the Lord allows me happy moments like these! I notice my niece now has her sidebar lists up and going. Way to go, Claire!

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Poor-Con said...

Way to go on the links PM, now can you tell me how!!! RE: your last comment about the name of my blog. My wife stays at home and home schools my 2 daughters. Well, after the hurricanes hit Florida in Sept. last year our church (Richland Baptist Church) were looking for volunteers for disaster relief. My wife, because of our situation was able to go down and help for 9 days. Anyway, one of the folks she was working with was a preacher from Portland, OR and he was into blogging, thats how we got started. Because my wife is so cute, wonderful and wacky everyones response to her was poor Con (my name) because they felt sorry for me. So there ya go, sorry about the long answer. And yes, I'm rich because I have Christ. Thank you for your comments and your interest. Where is your son stationed? How is he doing? Let me know his name so my sunday school group can pray for him.

God Bless!