Friday, January 21, 2005

God and the alphabet...

Every so often I like to work through the alphabet to think of words relating to God, or His attributes, etc. It's one of my favorite ways to lift praises to Him, acknowledging my need of Him, and reminding myself of my proper place before Him. No two times are alike and I am only hindered by my lack of vocabulary.

A - Awesome, adoring, amazing, All-Sufficient, Adonai, Alpha, You arrayed the heavens

B - Beyond my comprehension, brave, you bind the brokenhearted, your banner is over me, bountiful, blessed, beautiful

C - Comforter, Conqueror, caring, Creator, covenant God, Christ, Cross

D - Delightful, destroyer of evil, Designer of all

E - Eternal, exalted, Elohim, El Elyon, my everything, enthroned above the heavens, you did not excuse us but provided the way of escape

F - Faithful, forgiving, a fortress, freedom, you fulfill your promises, you first reached out to us

G - Great, good, you gather us to you, giver of every good and perfect gift

H - Holy, humble, Higher than the heavens, highest praises are yours alone, healer

I - I Am, you intended for us to have a relationship, integral part of us, interaction with us on a daily basis, we are free to inquire of you

J - Jehovah Jireh, Joy, you will dwell with us in the new Jerusalem, Justifier

K - Kind, Kinsman Redeemer, King of Kings

L - Lord of Lords, loving, loyal, lavish, you look out for us in our ignorance

M - Majestic, mighty, meek

N - Name above all names, we are nothing, you are all we need

O - Omnipotent, over all, omnipresent, one of a kind, Other

P- Promised One, precious, Peace, perfect will, praiseworthy, priestly, powerful

Q - You alone are qualified to be our Savior, quiet

R - Royal, ruler over all, Redeemer, redeeming

S - Steadfast, sufficient, Savior, sanctifier, Shepherd, Self-Existent, Holy Spirit

T - Triune God, There, tomb could not hold you

U - Unequal, unwavering, unchanging, utmost, uplifting, unique

V - Victorious, virtuous, no varying

W - Wise, wonderful, thank you for your written Word, you alone deserve worship, worthy

X - (words that sound like 'x') Exalted, extol your virtures

Y - Yaweh, You alone, You above all,

Z - You bring zest to my life, may my zealousness for you be tempered with love and humility, covered in wisdom from Your Word.

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HeyJules said...

Claire, thanks for sharing this with me! I love the idea. : )