Monday, January 24, 2005

The Trinity...

I was listening to the third talk which Ravi Zacharias gave when he was here in Salt Lake City. Jim and I were able to attend the first two but not his last. We purchased the DVD which has all three talks on it, plus the question and answer sessions, as well as audience comments. But, I digress. He gave a wonderful illustration for the Trinity, one which I had never heard before. He began with one dimension. In dealing with one dimension you get a straight line. The straight line can go from right to left, left to right, up or down but it is still a straight line. When you add a second dimension it's not just lines but one gets figures, such as a triangle, a square, etc. When you add a third dimension you now have objects and depth. With each added dimensions, the basic dimension still remains intact. With each dimension added you add the possibility of complexity without losing its simplicity. Ravi went on to say, "I believe if you take an uncaused being who is eternal, an infinite being who lives beyond time, and you take one who is the Creator of the universe, you have added so many different dimensions to infinitude that it is not at all impossible for Him to be one, in one sense, and three in another."

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