Monday, January 17, 2005


Have you ever read Nehemiah's prayer in Nehemiah 1? If you haven't I would highly encourage it. It truly is a model for us as believers. If we only had this one prayer to study and learn from it could actually make any other books on prayer obsolete! This prayer is rich in its awareness of God's character and His promises. He begins by acknowledging who God is and His position then Nehemiah moves on to confessing his sin and also the nation's sins. Finally he presents his request based upon the principles and promises of God's Word. I am a firm believer in being specific in my praying. I think that Nehemiah was specific and bold without being outcome based. Now, I don't mean specifically how I want the Lord to answer my prayer but to list the specific requests. It's exciting when one has a personal connection with God. It opens up whole new vistas as He responds to you in such a personal, caring way. We need to be open with laying out our requests before the Lord, but then we need to allow Him to handle the details as He sees fit.

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