Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog About Your Dog Day

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Jules over at Faith or Fiction? has declared this Blog About Your Dog Day. So in the spirit of dog lovers everywhere I'll attempt to do just that!

We had one dog. One dog which was totally enough. We had one who made a night break and was killed by a car. So we waited quite a bit of time before getting another dog. Finally, we decided the time was right and we brought home Caleb for James. Caleb fit in just fine with our family. He did have a few stubborn streaks here and there but on the whole, he was just fine.

After a few years I began hearing some 'undertones', some muttering in the ranks. "We need another dog." My answer, of course, was absolutely not!!! Still there were attempts in the ranks to change my mind. Whenever a movie came out about a dog we had to go see it. I remained VERY firm in my resolve. Absolutely. No. More. Dogs. Period.

Well, I finally began taking HRT. I'm telling you, ladies, that was a true God-send! I know it isn't for everyone but for the ones who are able to do it....DO IT! Ahem, sorry I digressed. One day I was invited over to a friend's house for a luncheon. Her dog had just had puppies. That didn't faze me at all. I was still resolute.

After lunch the puppies were passed around for all the ladies to hold. Except for one. He was the runt and no one seemed interested in him. He was so tiny. So chocolatey...just like hot cocoa. I was still firmly resolved in my mind. After all, we didn't NEED a second dog. I AM FIRM!

"Oh, Claire, you don't have a puppie to hold!"

"No, but I'm fine. Truly, I am."

"Well, why don't you just hold this little one. He's our runt."

"No, really, I'm fine."

"Well, I guess I could "hold" him [as she puts him in my hand]."It's a good thing I don't need a dog, I think. Just think if my son was here...I wouldn't hear the end of it...Someone in the family has to be firm and I guess it falls to me! Well, I certainly don't have a problem with being firm. I am the "go-to" FIRM person when one is needed! Yes sireee!

"We are trying to find homes for all the puppies, " says my friend (the pastor's wife, no less).

It's good I'm so resolved! FIRM!The runt begans to suck my finger like a binkie. I AM STILL FIRm...Before I know what is happening, my mouth revolted and switched to the ranks! I distinctly heard, coming from MY mouth, "I'll take this one."

*Panic* *Looks around wildly* Hoping against hope that was someone else's voice that just sounded like mine.*Gulp* Finally, my mind kicks into gear! Thankfully! What was I thinking?!!!

"Well, actually, I probably should talk it over with Jim and if HE says it's okay then we'll take him. I'm pretty sure he won't agree so if you find someone else after I leave, before I get Jim back over here tonight, then just go ahead and give him to whoever you find...."


"You want me to what?"

"Let's just go 'look'. It's not like we are going to bring him home...but, I do want you to see how cute he is."

"Are you crazy, Claire?"

"Um, no, but I can't explain it. Let's just go look. Okay?"

Well, of course, I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the story by now. We brought that 4 week old runt home with us that very evening. The ranks have said he is my menopausal dog. Since he was acquired during that time of my life. He's had a lot of problems...he's kind of neurotic, he forgets to breathe periodically and has to be reminded. "Breathe, Cocoa, breathe..." And, he has seizures and he doesn't know what to do when that happens...not that he can do anything. It paralyzes him when it happens. He will still suckle on your finger. He's very hyper. When hubby goes out to work in the front yard, Cocoa thinks he needs to be there supervising. And, cries until we let him out in the front. He is almost 12 years old now. Cocoa likes to think he is big, tough, and brave but really, deep down, he's just a scaredy cat. But, he is our lovable mutt! :) neuroses and all


Darlene said...

That dog is adorable. You make me almost want to get one. ALMOST. Thanks for announcing the ezine, that was so nice of you.

Jackie said...

oh that hair is great! How can you not smile when you see a dog THAT cute???

G~ said...

now, now Claire. THAT is not "blogging" about your dog, m'dear. THAT is posting pictures of your dog.

Not the same. Not at ALL the same.

Whazzhiz name? Whazzhe do? Iz himz a himz or a herz????

Sheesh. We know NOTHING!


Pam said...

Cocoa is a cutipie!!

eija said...

At four weeks? Eww... In Finland that's illegal, the puppies should be at least 7 weeks before weaned.

I have learned too, that "never say never". A definite "no" falls into that same category :D

Carol said...

Wait. The photos are of Cocoa? I thought they were of Caleb. Where are the photos of Cocoa?

Well, whoever is in the photos, he looks a lot like my Tucker except with shaved legs.

G~ said...

Okay. At last you give us some details! Bravo!

So, are you trying to tell us that it's either remain unbearably hormonal/menopausal OR get a dog?

Can't we just do both? And what if we're already kinda sorta semi-psychotic AND we already have way more dogs than we need?

THEN WHAT?!?!?!?

*whimper* *wail* *shriek*

WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!