Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My ABC's Meme

I found this over at Suz's place, Goin Ons. I hope you enjoy it!

My ABC's Meme:

A - Accent: I have been kidded about still having a southern accent on certain words but on the whole, I don't believe I have an accent.

B - Breakfast: It varies. Some days I'll have an egg and toast, other days cereal or a bagel. I always try to eat a piece of fruit.

C - Chore you hate: Dusting....however, I do like a room that is dusted. It' s just getting there that is the hard part.

D - Dad's name: Rowan

E - Essential everyday item: Besides chocolate and ice tea and steak? Water.

F - Flavor ice cream: Chocolate fudge brownie

G - Gold or silver?: Gold but I do wear silver also.

H - Hometown: I guess this is where I was born? Ardmore, OK

I - Insomnia: Oh my goodness, YES! I'm in a really good sleep cycle right now so I hope I don't return to the insomnia any time soon.

J - Job title: Praying Wife, praying Mom

K - Kids: One son who is a pilot in the Air Force

L - Living arrangements: It began as a six bedroom home but we tore out a wall between two bedrooms to make a huge bedroom for Jim and me. So 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 family rooms, 2 fireplaces, 1 living room, 1 kitchen/dining area.

M - Mom's birthplace: Booneville, Mississippi

N - Number of significant others: 1 hubby, 1 son, 1 sister, 1 neice, 1 neice's hubby, 4 neice's boys and 1 on the way, 1 nephew, 1 nephew's wife, 1 mother

O - Overnight hospital stays: I will not even begin to mention overnight hospital stays. I have had way to many to list.

P - Phobia: Fear of heights

Q - Quote: "It is important to receive God's arrangement in the circumstances. This arrangement is the discipline of the Holy Spirit. To escape God's arrangement just one time is to lose an opportunity to have our capacity enlarged. A believer can never be the same after passing through suffering." ~ Watchman Nee

R - Religious affiliation: I'm a born again Christian, totally relying on Christ to usher me into Heaven.

S - Siblings: 1 older sister, and 1 younger brother, now deceased.

T - Time you wake up: Tuesdays and Thursdays it's 7am. The rest of the days whenever...usually around 7 or 8.

U - Unnatural haircolors you've worn: None

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts, cooked spinach

W - Worst habit: procrastination

X - X-rays you've had: Again, way too many to mention...

Y - Yummy: Strawberries, anything chocolate, steak and potatoes, most any fruit

Z - Zodiac sign: Capricorn...but I much prefer the Sign of the Cross! :)


Suz said...

Great List Claire, always nice to learn more about you.

Glad you joined in.

Hugs Suz

Melissa said...

That was a delightful Meme...and I love how you said at the end you prefer the "Sign of the Cross" what a great witnessing tool!

Dawn said...

What a great list, and your mom is from Bonneville, MS! Don't know where it is, but have heard of it.

Carol said...

You were born in Ardmore? That's why my husband's from. His folks are there so we go up often. It's just a couple hours up the road.

Great way to get to know more aobut you.