Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Pilot Mom

1. I live in Utah. And have lived here for going on 26 years. I never thought I would still be here this long but the Lord had other plans!

2. I'm not a Mormon.

3. I have one son who is a wonderful blend of his father and me!

4. My favorite color is green.

5. I love to study the Bible.

6. I've been married 30 years to the best man EVER! He even writes me poetry! ;) He compliments me perfectly by his being an extrovert to my being an introvert.

7. I love to read. All different kinds of books. Murder/mystery, theological, biographies....

8. I used to be a model to earn money.

9. I went to my first year of college in Mississippi. My second year I went in Colorado where I met my hubby.

10. My fear of heights began in Germany when I nearly fell over a parapet at a castle which overlooked the steep mountain.

13. I was a 'little' rebellious in high school. One time I put vaseline all over the door handles to the classrooms.

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Suz said...

Your Very Welcome Claire!

Great list of getting to know you better. My hubbys favorite color is green. How cool is it that your hubby writes you poetry and that you were a model. How scary on almost falling off the castle, my daughter is extremely afraid of heights but dont know why.

Happy TT

Hugs Suz

Dawn said...

What a great list Claire. Were you born in MS? I have to ask since you're the first person that has connection to my home state that I have found blogging!

As far as your # 13, I admit, I was a lot rebellious. I can admit it now. I still can't admit to some stuff we use to do...Mom would ground me even if I am 35!

Eric said...

Wonderful list Claire! I love the state of Utah (enough that my wife wants us to consider moving there)! What a change from MS and CO! My thriteen is posted over at Little Bit of This and That.

Norma said...

What a great list--I'd love to have you as a neighbor, but will settle for occasional TT get togethers.

My TT are up.