Friday, February 24, 2006

A Bright Beginning!

A bright spot began my morning. I hate making telephone calls for other people, by that I mean business calls, where I do not know what is going on. I know, I know, I had to do that at work and, yes, I survived doing it. But, it wasn't my favorite thing to do.

This morning, hubby was leaving to go greet 2000+ visitors who were converging at the SLC airport. They were arriving for a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) conference being held here this weekend. Hubby was to help direct, make sure they connect with their luggage etc. Anyway, before he headed out the door he asked me to do a favor for him. Would I please call Dr. B's office and ask for C and see if she has sent the letter off to the Dept. of Labor to get the first of two shoulder surgeries approved. (The second time around. The first two surgeries were 15 years ago.) If she hasn't then be sure she has the address and any pertinent information.

Naturally, I said yes but I really didn't want to do it. I have all these weird quirkie insecurities over the phone when taking care of business. I don't know why. On the other hand, if it was a friend on the other end...not a problem. I could talk forever...well, almost forever. ;)

I sat down at the desk just as hubby was leaving and told myself I should make the phone call right now before I got involved with my day. My hand moved to pick up my phone and the phone rang.

I said, "Hello?"

"Hello, this is C at Dr. B's office. Is J there?"

Me: "No, he has just left the house. Who did you say you were?"

"This is C at ....."

Me: "Oh, C, I was just going to call you. J had asked me to contact you to see if you had sent the necessary letter and paperwork to the Dept. of Labor."

"Isn't that the oddest thing? Well, yes, I was calling to tell him that all has been faxed and I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully, by Monday we will have a response from them regarding their approval for his surgery date on 3/3/06. "

Me: "Thank you so much C for taking care of that and for calling to let J know. Goodbye."


Now, you can't tell me that there isn't a God who cares for the quirky discomforts of my life! It wasn't a co-incidence that C called right at that moment. The Lord poured out His love on me this morning! I'm STILL smiling even now! :D


HeyJules said...

You DO love a good "godincidence" don't you?

I'm smiling thinking about YOU smiling.

Wonder if God is smiling at me smiling at you?

G~ said...

How cool! I hate that kinda phone thing, too. Awesome how God steps in when we're not even looking, huh?


Pam said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to struggle with that chore that day.
How awesome is the power and the love of the Lord.

Bob & Claire said...

Wow, that is so neat! I also feel the same way about business calls, and I frequently am tempted to put them off! : )