Monday, February 27, 2006

God is Enough....

Once we recognize our need for Jesus, then the building of our faith begins. It is a daily, moment-by-moment life of absolute dependence upon Him for everything. ~Catherine Marshall

The last and greatest lesson that the soul has to learn is the fact that God, and God alone, is enough for all its needs. This is the lesson that all His dealings with us are meant to teach; and this is the crowning discovery of our whole Christian life. God is enough! ~Hannah Whitall Smith


Robert said...

Amen! I've been reading Smith for about a year and a half and her book God is Enough has really helped me. The bottom line is, it's true - God IS not only enough, but sufficient for us and everyone way beyond all our need whether perceived or not. How foolish we worry, when God is there.
Seems like you've been blogging for a long time. Can you tell me what method you use to write and post your comments?
Keep up the good work.

Pilot Mom said...

Welcome, Robert! So glad to meet new bloggers.

I use blogger and when I set my blog up I used their templates etc and just followed the directions. Does that help? I hope so. If not, rephrase, and I'll try and answer better. :)